The author is donating $1 from every soft cover sale of this book to the Elyssa’s Mission, a Northbrook, Illinois-based not-for-profit foundation that provides help, support and suicide prevention programs to prevent teen suicide. Donations will help to fund the Mission's Signs of Suicide Program, which they currently provide to junior and high schools in Illinois.

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2011 Evie Fiction Finalist

Welcome to Cheeseland

Available now in trade paperback from Eckhartz Press and in e-book from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Sony 


How do you mend a broken friendship? For Lance Parker and Daniel McAllister, the answer is simple: road trip. The shock and grief of a friend’s suicide creates a gulf between the two suburban Chicago high school seniors. A trip to Wisconsin should be just the ticket to come to terms with the trauma that had drawn them apart.  The journey of recovery is filled with comical twists as the two teens navigate Cheeseland, a place that blurs the line between adolescence and adulthood. 

The journey of recovery turns into a journey of discovery, as secrets are revealed and the ugly truth behind their friend’s suicide unfolds.

Now, thirty years later, the secrets they buried have come back to haunt them. Told in two parts, the novel's long and winding road comes full circle when these two friends must finally confront their past and come to grips with their present lives. But is it too late to heal old wounds? 

Cheeseland is a novel about loyalty, friendship and the self-destructive nature of secret-keeping and unresolved anger.

A special prime-time interview with Cyrus Webb on Conversations LIVE is now available to the world via podcast. Parents and high school and college students, this is a conversation you don't want to miss. Listen in and keep the conversation going.

Promotional ad for Cheeseland read by Cyrus Webb of Conversation Radio's "Breakfast with Books"

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What others have to say about Cheeseland

"Every once in a while, a sleeper of a novel comes around that you really HAVE to read. For me, it's CHEESELAND." - Libby Fischer Hellman, author of A Bitter Veil and Set the Night on Fire.

"...a dramatic touch that rivals Nicholas Sparks" - Robert W. Walker, author of Titanic 2012Bismarck 2013, and Children of Salem

"A fun read and a great ride." - Mitch Michaels, Chicago rock radio legend

"Easy Rider meets a warped version of It's a Wonderful Life." - Christine Sneed, author of Portraits of a Few of the People I've Made Cry and the forthcoming Little Known Facts

"If you liked Larry McMurtry’s The Last Picture Show, you’ll love Cheeseland, Chicago’s answer to that Texas classic. Highly recommended!" - Frederick Brooke, author of the Annie Ogden Mysteries

"Delivered with skill and captivating from beginning to end..."Cyrus Webb, Conversations Magazine