The author is donating $1 from every soft cover sale of this book to the Elyssa’s Mission, a Northbrook, Illinois-based not-for-profit foundation that provides help, support and suicide prevention programs to prevent teen suicide. Donations will help to fund the Mission's Signs of Suicide Program, which they currently provide to junior and high schools in Illinois.

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Have you wondered what Cheeseland sounds like? Thanks to my new friends Willy Nast and Karen Shimmin, you can find out.

Willy and Karen host All Write Already, which they describe as "a completely unpretentious literary podcast." Each episode they talk a bit about goings on in the literary world and then they feature a writer, usually from Chicagoland, who reads a bit of his or her work. They then spend the next 25 or 30 minutes talking to the writer about the writing process and anything else that might come up.

In my podcast episode, I read an excerpt about the adventures of two teen boys in an adult bookstore. Willy and Karen then talk to me about my brief career as a pilot, the drinking age in Wisconsin, and how being an attorney has influenced my writing. It was a lot of fun, and I hope that comes out when you listen to it.

Download the podcast here. You can also subscribe to the podcast on iTunes and download it directly to your iPhone or iPad. 

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